I'm a "product designer," formerly known as human interface designer. My specialties include scientific projects and health, small-enterprise software, and empowering non-designers to do design better. But I've gotten to work on a wide variety of projects.

I'm working on new concepts for a clinical knowledge-exchange product, Sosido, and mentoring startups at Launch Academy and GrowLab. One of my favorite Vancouver startups is Spacelist.

I also make music and am in school at the University of Waterloo.

You can find me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter.

Notable work

Google 2007-2012
Search, Public Data Explorer, Translated Search, Health Search, Suggest, SideWiki, Dashboard, internal tools, design training for engineering and product management.

Google.org 2008-2010
Flu Trends, Flu Vaccine Finder, climate information.

Marketcircle 2005-2007
Billings, Daylite, branding, instructional product design.

BlackBerry 2004
Keypad usability, internship.

Apple 2002-2003
Human interface guidelines, internship.

Mentors and collaborators

Prodigal engineers notwithstanding, it takes a village to raise a technology project. I want to recognize the amazing teams and people from whom I've learned so much and to whose confidence, patience, and mentorship I'm indebted. If I've omitted someone important, or if you don't want to be listed here, just let me know.


Google Flu Trends and health projects.

Too many people to list, but I'm especially indebted to the experience of working with such talented folks as Corrie Conrad, Jeremy Ginsberg, Jennifer Haroon, Matt Mohebbi, Joanne Peter, Greg Slovacek, Dan Vanderkam, and the redoubtable Roni Zeiger. Also Taha Kass-Hout.

Climate information projects.

Especially Amy Luers, Aaron Brown, Lacy Caruthers, Michal Cierniak, Donn Denman, the Climate Systems Analysis Group at the University of Cape Town, the Global Landscapes Initiative at the University of Minnesota, and the Earth Institute at Columbia University.


Design training.

Special thanks is owed to my partner in crime, Carla Bromberg. Also Christopher Calo, KeeKim Heng, and Evan Jernagan.

Search and other Google projects.

Too many to list, again, but I'm especially grateful for support and mentorship from Irene Au, Other Hansson, Peter Jin Hong, Ario Jafarzadeh, Ola Rosling, Nadav Savio, and Margaret Stewart.


Thanks to AJ, Michael Clark, Aly Daya, Ali Lalani, and Eric Hochmeister for taking me under their wings.


John Geleynse, Bodhi Gerfen, Lissy Abraham, technical publications editorial staff, and Mac OS human interface teams.

University of Waterloo

Independent studies.

I've been fortunate to have the continued support of this unique faculty, especially from Susan Gow. My advisors Anne Dagg, Mike Elmitt, and recently, Ted McGee helped me navigate unfamiliar territory.

Emily Carr University

John, Kelly, Phil, and Paul changed the way I look at the world.